Stellar Consulting Group is an organizational consulting firm that specializes in assessment and leadership development for progressive companies and industries.

Leadership Consulting

Focused leaders pay more attention to guiding and communicating the vision, leading the largest client projects, and finding new ways to develop their team.

Economic Development

Are you seeking new ways to compete in this global era? One of the most important, and challenging, components of a successful business is hiring and retaining the right people. Now you have support and guidance from someone with experience and expertise navigating the terrain with you.

Let our consultants help you when you are ready to take the on your journey to workforce and economic development. Schedule a consultation today to see if we are able to assist you on the journey.


Are you ready to develop a community initiative or program around STEM? Our consultants stay abreast of the cutting edge technological changes and innovations that are relevant to serve economically challenged areas.

Let our consultants guide you through the process of developing programs based on current funding models and innovations that the workforce is seeking.