Our Solutions

Leverage your unique company culture, core values, and brand identity with a custom training program designed by Stellar Consulting Group. Some of the custom programs we've created are below.



Effective leaders have a distinct competitive advantage within their companies as well as within the world. They are excellent communicators and innovators who see every team member, every company meeting, and every presentation as an opportunity to create extraordinary commitment and buy-in to company culture.

Our Leadership Development training is designed to improve the culture in organizations and management teams permanently. Our team brings the training to your organization and customizes each aspect to align with your goals and specific objectives.

We are more than happy to tailor our training to accommodate your staffing needs, project deadlines, and budget. We can offer exclusive workshops for individuals as well as management groups over a weekend or to span several months. Our goal is to become an extension of your team.



Innovative leadership requires creativity, personal accountability, self control, confidence, and the ability to motivate others plus so much more. Our process starts with being a trusted advocate for leaders.

We educate, train and coach leaders to use their natural talents to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development. As our leaders become more aligned with the brand of their organization, confident in their skill set, they tend to bring their organizations higher morale, sustainability, and positive change.



We believe that great leadership is everyone’s business and highly connected teams can make or break an organization. Old mindsets and ineffective methods of engagement destroys morale. Our approach is centered on building deep trust and respect as a core value of each company culture we interact with.

Our creative approach to team building is fostered by our "Relational Power Skills" as the leading concept. In our fun and interactive workshops, we explore three facets of human behavior that builds trust in the workplace. Our training entails holding and facilitating productive meetings, engaging employees in the decision making process, and positive brainstorming plus much more.